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Start-up consulting

Start-up consulting — enabling start-up companies to maximize their true potential. Invo Group provides consulting services to start-up companies at all stages of development.

Invo Group team has brought its PM and IT business knowledge and experience into company’s own start-up projects. We know how to launch and develop online business in Ukraine.

Business planning

We shall start with defining the market opportunity and business model.

Developing an investor presentation

Get investors excited about your product or solution.

Raising start-up funds

Matching start-up funds with startup companies

Technical support

Stay focused on what makes your business successful. We take care of IT environment of your company.

Legal services and support

Minimize legal risks. You may rely on personalized service solution we provide.

Please feel free to contact us and discuss how we can work together to create more value for your company.

Start-up company “SPO.UA”

Start-up company “AutoDuma”

Start-up project “Tahometer”