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Identity & Branding

Identity Creation/Branding Services — creation of consistent and recognizable brands.

Names and slogan

Names do more than identify companies. Slogans do more than follow company names or products.

Logo design

Represent your company and gain consumer recognition.

Corporate brand guidelines

The devil hides in the details. Make your brand look consistent.


Good design is simple and focused on the product or service it sells. That’s why it is so complicated.

Trade mark registration

The “TM” guarantees the exclusive rights to use the trade mark.

“Branding, is not advertising and it’s not marketing or PR. Branding happens before all of those: first you create the brand, then you raise awareness of it”. A branding expert from the US said this and we absolutely agree.

Please feel free to contactus and discuss how we can work together and create more value for your company.

Worldwide Cargo Logistics Solutions

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INVO Group

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Systems integrator company “MK-Engineering”